My name is Eryn and I'm a Target loving, reality show watching, sew-a-holic, wife and mother, living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I believe that Life and Style go hand in hand. My personal style is all about balancing between affordability, versatility, quality, and style. I achieve that by sewing my own clothes and by making purchases with my needs in mind.

I fell in love with my sewing machine because it gave me a creative outlet that is just for me. When I am at my sewing machine, I am not a wife, mother, entrepreneur, or employee. I am just Eryn. As a woman juggling multiple responsibilities, I believe it is so important for women to take some times to feed their souls with the things we like to do.

If you're looking for inspiration, resources, and tutorials to make your own clothing, this is the place for you! Sewing has allowed me to create a wardrobe of clothing that I am excited to wear. It's made by me and just for me, my body, my lifestyle, and my personal style. You can have the same, Sis!

Come on in and join me! I hope to inspire you to find your personal style whether it be with store-bought clothing or DIY. 

I invite you to a virtual front row seat in my closet and sewing studio to share in my of personal style. I hope that it inspires you too!